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Update: 2019-03

January 21, 2019

Published Conference Proceedings

Butt, M., Antia, K., Wathne, K., Wang, X., Fisher, R., 2018, Crisis Management in a Co-Branding Alliance Network, AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference.

Fathallah, R., Branzei, O., Schaan, J-L. (Emeritus), 2018, No Place like Home? How EMNCs detach from hyper turbulent contexts, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Fremeth, A., Holburn, G., Piazza, A., 2018, Nonmarket Performance in Contentious Environments: Evidence from Nuclear Power Generation in the U.S. Electric Utility Sector, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Le Ber, M.J., Monzani, L., Yang, Y., 2018, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Organizations: What Impact does Leader Identity Have?, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Nguyen, P. (PhD Candidate), Wang, X., Lee, X., Cotte, J., 2018, When Novices have More Influence than Experts: Empirical Evidence from Online Peer Reviews, Advances in Consumer Research.

Parente, R., Schotter, A., Sales-Cavalcante, H., Heidtmann Neto, H., 2018, Online Education: Technologies and Trends for the Connected World, Strategic Management Society Special Conference.

Premsankar, H., Ghaddar B., Di Francesco, M., Verago, R., 2018, Optimizing the Placement of Roadside Units in Urban Areas, Proceedings of the IEEE.

Schotter, A., 2018, The Internationalization of Platform Business Firms, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference.

Song, H-C. (PhD Candidate), Bansal, T., 2018, One but not the Same: The Distinctiveness of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Stallkamp, M., Schotter, A., 2018, Platforms without Borders? International Strategy in Platform-Mediated Markets, SMS Annual Conference.

Sun, H. (PhD Candidate), Zaric, G., Pun, H., 2018, Value or Volume? A Comparison of Two Risk Sharing Approaches, 2018 DSI Annual Meeting.

Wilson, J., Te'eni, D., 2018, Fishing for Errors in an Ocean Rather than a Pond, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics (CARMA 2018).

Funding Opportunities

SSHRC Insight Development Grant - NEW INFORMATION

Note from SSHRC:
Normally, a researcher may not apply, as an applicant, for an Insight Grant and Insight Development Grant within the same calendar year. However, since the launch of the smaller Insight Grants Stream A in 2017, SSHRC approved an exception to this regulation to allow researchers who applied unsuccessfully for an Insight Development Grant in February the option to apply for an Insight Grant in October.

For the foreseeable future SSHRC will extend this exception to the multiple applications regulations. Therefore, researchers who apply for an Insight Development Grant in February 2019 and are not successful may apply for an Insight Grant in October 2019.

Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. The grants enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and/or ideas. Funding is provided for short-term research development projects, of up to two years, proposed by individuals or teams.

Amount: $7,000 to $75,000
Duration:  1-2 years

RDS: January 25, 2pm
(PDF Application including CCV and ROLA)

SSHRC: February 2, 2pm

Information and Application  
CCV Login and CCV Instructions  

Embassy of France in Canada – Mobility Funding for Researchers Program

The second edition of this program has launched and is intended for French and Canadian researchers (Quebec excluded as there are specific programs between France and the Quebec Government) who wish to spend a short stay with their counterparts, either in France or in Canada.

The call for applications is open to all research fields, as well as to all researchers working in a Canadian or French laboratory, university or research centre. The laureates are offered a transatlantic flight and financial support for a short stay on site.


  • 25% success rate in first Mobility Funding competition.
  • Applications are jointly reviewed by the Embassy’s scientific services in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Applicants should demonstrate that the project will create lasting collaborations between Canadian and French laboratories.

Ivey: February 4 – Let Shelley or Kathy know of your intent to apply.
RDS: February 11 (ROLA and Application)
Sponsor: February 17, 11:59pm EST (Canada)

Contact: or 613-562-3794

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