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About the Sustainability Salon

The Sustainability Salon (formerly the Innovating for Sustainability Salon) is an intimate community of scholars, each conducting research related to sustainable business. What we mean by sustainable business is research that helps businesses advance sustainable development. Through virtual meetings, members share ideas and push one another's thinking, without the heavy burden of conference travel.

Salon members meet for 1.5 hours, every 3 months. Discussions begin with member presentations, followed by 30 minutes for general discussion.

The Salon has an international scope, yet intimate and engaged membership. We ask that all members:

  1. Be engaged in research related to business sustainability
  2. Attend meetings regularly and review pre-read materials in advance
  3. Present their ongoing research at some point

We welcome community members to present on any of the following:

  1. A research project with rich empirical findings
  2. A theory paper that is substantially developed and written clearly
  3. A proposed research project that would benefit from collaborations and/or community feedback


Join to be notified of upcoming meetings

If you’d like to receive receive regular notices for the upcoming Salon meetings, just share your contact information. You’ll be added to a mailing list to receive details about upcoming virtual meetings.

We encourage scholars from all countries and career stages to participate. The diversity will increase learning for all.

RSVP for the next Salon

The community will meet again on October 8, 2020. More details available here.

About the organizers

Salon facilitation is a collaborative effort between 6 researchers across 5 universities. For more information don't hesitate to contact any of the organizers.