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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Lauren Barker

My favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends, cooking and staying active through various activities. I love trying new recipes and consider myself an advanced cook for my age. One of the ways I try to stay healthy and respect the environment is by buying organic local food and limiting my consumption of meat. I am from Winnipeg and I enjoy going home for the summer and spending time at my family's summer cottage. Another exciting part about my summer is getting to hang out with my three year old nephew and my two dogs.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

I believe that sustainability is advocating and practicing values and activities that respect the environment, human rights and general quality of life. Sustainability can be practiced and encouraged at the individual, corporate or government level. For a long time businesses and the human population were ignorant of the negative impacts of certain wasteful actions on society and earth's resources. Sustainability is about becoming more educated on these negative acts and working together to act responsibly to change our actions and create a more sustainable earth. Additionally, sustainability is also about preventing unethical corporate and government actions worldwide that have negative effects on human rights and society.


In high school I travelled twice to the Dominican Republic to volunteer in an orphanage. This involved donating food, teaching English and helping build an extension to the orphanage. We also raised money to help fund the construction and to purchase solar panels. I continue to make annual donations of medical supplies and money to help the orphanage and community to continue to improve their sustainability.

While I am currently not involved in any sustainability projects I do make an effort in my daily life to be as environmentally friendly. As I discussed, I try to be conscious in eating organic and local food. I also make an effort to diligently recycle and be conscious of the use of electricity and water. I try to encourage my friends, roommates and parents to do the same.

Lastly, I subscribed to Sum of Us, which is a movement to against corporations and government actions that are unethical and environmentally irresponsible. They have had tremendous success sending daily emails and campaigning through social media to get people to vote against these organizations.