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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Nicole Korb

My father studied botany at university and my mother is a landscape designer, so I have always had an appreciation for the environment. During my travels to India in 2012, I was alarmed by the dire state of the country's environment. Poor air quality and waste management polluted water sources and spread disease. This experience was a true call-to-action that evoked a desire to learn more about what I could do as a future businessperson. Now, as I pursue marketing within consumer-packaged goods, I aim to use my education as a means to further the use of sustainable business practices.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My personal definition of sustainability is the ability to use resources today without inhibiting their availability for use in the future. There is also a human aspect to sustainability, such as treating people involved in the resource extraction or development process with respect and fairness. This is exemplified by Fair Trade practices, which ensure fair income for farmers who supply their crop to larger firms. Sustainability is also related to access. Equitable access to resources by corporate and non-corporate entities ensures that valuable resources, such as water, are available to all that need it.


Through my work with The Corsage Project, I was tasked with leading a team at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and consequently raising over $18,000, allowed me to help over 500 girls attended their high school proms and granting some of them scholarships for post-secondary education. This allowed them access to both a celebration and an education they may not have had without funding from The Corsage Project and the work of its team at the Scotiabank Marathon.

In my second year of my undergraduate, as a student at Queen's University, I took part in Queen's Model Parliament as a delegate of the Green Party. In this role, I worked with five other students to draft a bill on environmental practices in schools across Canada. Our bill covered topics such as green roofs, green school transportation, and paperless classrooms. I was then able to present it to my peers in the House of Commons in Ottawa, where it was passed by the Queen's delegation.

During the summer of 2013, I am planning to intern at a CPG firm and to continue working with The Corsage Project.