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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Course Descriptions

Credit Requirements

The academic requirements for the Certificate in Sustainability program include successful completion of HBA1 and the following second year HBA courses:

  • 4620 Assessing the Environmental, Economic and Social Impact of a Business (Half-Course)
  • 4584 Giving Voice to Leadership (Quarter Course)

Students are also required to have a minimum of 1.0 credits from the following specialty courses:

  • 4402 Communications and Society (Quarter Course)
  • 4458 Leading Change (Half Course)
  • 4525 International Business Environment Studies: Service Learning in Africa (Half Course)
  • 4619 The Performing Leader (Half Course)
  • 4564 Design-Driven Innovation (Half Course)
  • 4579 The Dark Side of Capitalism? Pirates, Mavericks, and Industrial Renewal (Half Course)
  • 4580 Reputation Management (Half Course) *conflicts with a required course in 2017-18
  • 4591 Business and Markets *conflicts with a required course in 2017-18
  • *not offered in 2017-18
  • 4609 Public Policy Analysis (Half Course) *not offered in 2017-18

Note: Not all elective courses are offered each year. 0.5 credits may be substituted with courses approved each year by the Director of the Certificate Program and the HBA Program Director.