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I grew up in Whitby, Ontario and attended Western University for Criminology for Year 1 and 2. Before attending Western University, I attended Trinity College School, graduating in the top 10% of my class, with my academic interests including business and law. I aspire to work in the sustainability field of business to align with my interests in environmental innovation. I am currently in Alpha Gamma Delta, in which I was a leader of membership programming. My interests include fitness, reading, baking and my two small dogs.  

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

Sustainability is the maintenance of the current condition. In terms of the environment, sustainability is the preservation of the natural world. This can be achieved by alternations in current practices to reduce the human impact on the environment. This is necessary to preserve the Earth for future generations. I think this is rooted in innovation. Innovation can be utilized to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, such as the effect of solar panels. To create a sustainable world political, economic and social capital is required.  

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I would like to align my professional interests with my sustainability interests. I am interested in operations and marketing. Using my knowledge in business I would like to work for an innovative company that actively makes change in both their internal environment and external environment. I would like to work to modify the supply chain and distribution practices to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainability awareness.  In addition, I am interested in renewable energy; I want to work in this field to mobilize sustainable change on a larger scale. Further, in my chosen field, I will join a sustainability committee to guide future innovations. Innovations such as virtual Zoom meetings rather than business travel is just one example of the changes I envision for the future. However, in the future, I think that sustainability will be integrated into everyday business and everyday life as society is progressing towards increased sustainability awareness. 

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

In high school, I was elected to be an environmental representative for a group of 40 girls. In this position, I was responsible for educating the group weekly about sustainable changes that could reduce their carbon footprints. I educated the group about sustainable practices such as recycling guidelines. These educational presentations were paired with activities such as garbage cleanups, tree plantings, meatless days, heatless hair days and a vegetable garden. Further, in this role, I was able to give a presentation to the Junior School about sustainability and work with their environmental representative to plan their own initiatives.  

I also got the opportunity to visit a sustainable farm and learn about sustainable farming practices. I was able to volunteer and cut away invasive species in the area. This guided my interests in sustainability and innovation in traditional fields.  

Hannah Beckford

Hannah Beckford