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I am a third-year student pursuing my HBA at the Ivey School of Business with a passion for sustainable business practices. My interest in sustainable business stems from my experience rowing. While rowing on Western’s Varsity Rowing Team, being on the water every day I was able to see the negative consequences non-sustainable actions can take on a community. I hope to make real meaningful change through my future full-time work in the sustainability sector  


What is your personal definition of sustainability?


Sustainability is not only the ability to reuse resources but to create a better future for those who come after. I believe my generation is the first to have the want to widely work towards a more sustainable future as we have seen the negative repercussions of non-sustainable actions. This belief shaped my definition – ‘Towards the goal of providing long term viability of the resource or action, to allow those who come after the same or greater use of said resource or action 


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?


I see it being an integral part of my future, while I have an interest in finance and investment, I have a goal to pursue sustainable investing as my full-time career before I am 30. Here I believe that I will be able to support future emerging businesses to reach their full potential and effect the maximum amount of positive benefit in the world.  


While it is not certain that I will be able to work within sustainable investing wherever I do work I plan to at a minimum join sustainability affinity groups where I can play a role in the different Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives engaged by the company.  


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 


Currently I run my own registered non-profit called NorthStar. Formed in early 2020 I wanted to create a greater incentive to grow seaweed in our oceans. More recently we have partnered with Seaweed producers and communities primarily on the West Coast of Canada. The goal of the project is to sell carbon offsets to the everyday consumer making their lives net neutral carbon. In the coming months I am developing a go to market plan as a part of Ivey’s Social Enterprise Accelerator.  


In my first semester I was able to be a part of Community Consulting Project (CCP) where I worked with a small team to create marketing information for Furniture Bank and the circular economy. This was a great opportunity to get hands on experience in the ESG and sustainability industry. 


Personally, I have been able to join in many river and lake clean ups throughout Lake Ontario and the Thames River. I have been able to organize these events with my own friend group.

Nikko Northrup

Nikko  Northrup