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My name is Tyler Tisdelle. I was born and raised in London, Ontario. Growing up, I was always a fan of Western as my mother is an alumnus, and I dreamt of attending Ivey in my undergrad! I attended King’s University College in my first two years at Western, studying Management & Organizational Studies with a specialization in Finance & Administration. My ultimate goal is to be a leader in the shift to a cleaner and more equitable world. Specifically, I want to pursue a career in sustainable finance, and I would love to break into impact investing.  

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

Sustainability means doing something that prioritizes the long-term and future generations. It means ensuring that the needs of today are met without jeopardizing the needs of tomorrow. For generations, individuals and organizations have been focusing on the short-term, dismissing any negative consequences because someone else would be left holding the bag. I think that to build a stronger, cleaner, and more equitable world, we must focus on what we can do that will benefit us in the present, as well as those of the future.  

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

My perspective is: “What role do I see myself playing in the shift to a more sustainable future?” In other words, I am hoping to shape my entire career around sustainability. I am dedicating my time, knowledge, and resources so that I can be a part of the private markets’ role in this escalating advancement to a more sustainable economy. Specifically, I am hoping to pursue a career in sustainable finance or impact investing. I have been interested in finance throughout my undergraduate degree, and for years, I was focusing on eventually breaking into Private Equity or Venture Capital. It was only recently when I realized the tremendous opportunity that social finance offers. My generation is about to inherit the largest wealth transfer in history. Many decisions will have to be made about where that capital is deployed. I am hoping to use my skills and knowledge in finance to eventually lead the way in those decisions. In today’s world, there are so many environmental and social issues that can be addressed if the proper investments are made. I want to play a role in this movement so that future generations can prosper in a clean and equitable society.  

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

When I was in high school, I helped organize a mission trip to a small town in the Dominican Republic where we spent ten days teaching English in the local elementary schools. The experience was truly eye-opening. The happiness and fulfillment I felt during that mission is a primary reason for my recent commitment and pursuit for a career in sustainability. Some other philanthropic missions that I have been a part of include volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospitality Center, the London Basket Brigade, the London Food Bank. I am currently engaged in the Ivey Impact Consulting Project where three other HBA1 students and I are working with ATN, a local not-for-profit that provides employment training and opportunities for people with disabilities. We are working to provide a thorough risk analysis template and mitigation plan for the organization so that they can properly assess and mitigate risks in the future. This project is the first that I have engaged in since shifting my focus and resources to sustainability. The experience has been magnificent so far and I am very excited to take part in future projects.  

Tyler Tisdelle

Tyler Tisdelle