Do I need to use my bid points to secure a place in the Certificate’s required courses?
Yes. And we’ve set it up this way because: (1) If you’re interested in sustainability, you would probably use your points to bid on these courses even if you were not in the Certificate. And (2) if we did give you automatic registration into the Certificate’s required courses, you would lose bid points accordingly. So, it all comes out in the wash.

Why don’t I see the Certificate’s two required courses in the HBA2 timetable?
You may be having a hard time finding the course on impact assessment, as its code wasn’t listed on the Certificate overview document and the title is abbreviated in the timetable. The required courses are:

  • 4620: Impact Assessment (offered M/W of the fall term)
  • 4584: Giving Voice to Leadership (offered Tu/Th of the spring term)

Is 4584: Giving Voice to Leadership a half or quarter credit course?
It’s a 0.25 credit course. Listing it as 0.5 credit was a typo on the Certificate overview document. It is properly listed as a T8 course on the HBA2 timetable. That means the Certificate only has 0.75 required courses.

Why are some of the electives not listed in the timetable?
Not all electives are offered each year. You may choose from any of the Certificate electives that are listed in the timetable for your HBA2 year.

Can I count Western courses or courses taken on exchange towards the Certificate requirements?

What if I’m going on exchange for the spring term? There aren’t enough electives offered in the fall term, and Giving Voice to Leadership (a required course) is only offered in the spring.
If you’re a dual degree student who is going on exchange, you can use your HBA3 year to make up the courses you miss this year. If you’re in the unique situation of being non-dual degree AND going on exchange, completing the Certificate will be very challenging for you. We’ve arranged a workaround for the missing elective and the missing required course, but this will result in additional 0.25 credit overload in fall term (which is already overloaded as you prepare for exchange.) Please carefully consider the costs of the workaround before you commit. And the workaround below is ONLY available for non-dual degree exchange students:

  • Giving Voice to Leadership substitute: You may do a 0.25 independent study course that will expose you to similar cases as the course. If you’re interested in doing this, please contact Oana Branzei ( directly, and cc Chelsea Hicks-Webster (
  • Elective substitute: The only Certificate elective offered in the fall is Leading Change (0.5 credit.) To achieve the 1.0 elective credits, we will also allow you to count 4503 (Leadership and Communication) towards the Certificate.

If I’m a dual degree student who enrolled in the program in 2016, does the new Certificate format apply to me?
No. You will complete your Certificate under the old format.