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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Season 2 with Eric Morse

Eric Morse has been a leading figure in driving the Ivey Business School’s leadership in the area of high-growth entrepreneurship. Since 2004, Ivey has powered QuantumShiftTM in partnership with KPMG Enterprise, a program that has helped almost 700 high-growth entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Ivey has recently partnered the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Growth Driver Program, and has already worked with over 100 for high-impact firms.

With such an extensive alumni network, the 2nd season of the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast will feature Eric Morse speaking to a variety of high-growth entrepreneurs, touching on their amazing stories, and lessons learnt; from opportunity recognition and start-up, to high-growth and succession.


1. Taking Hold of Opportunities with Matt Phillips of Phillips Brewing and Malting Co.

Matt Phillips is the founder and CEO of Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. in Victoria, British Columbia. After years of working for other brewers, Matt decided to start up his own brand as craft brewers across the industry were shutting shop in the early 2000s.

Almost two decades later, Phillips is not only still standing, but thriving as BC’s Biggest Little Brewery.

Listen (19 min) | Apple | Google Play | Spotify


2. The Importance of Culture in the Workplace, with WestJet co-founder Don Bell

Don Bell is one of co-founders of WestJet Airlines, and is widely respected as the owner of culture at the company; which still remains one of WestJet's key strategic advantages in the space.

In this episode of the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast, Don discusses the founding of WestJet, and the importance of workplace culture in growing an organization.

Listen (16 min) | Apple | Google Play | Spotify


3. Embracing Evolution with HighStreet Ventures Inc. Founder Scott Butler

with For the past decade, Scott Butler, QS '16 has been the founder and CEO of HighStreet Ventures Inc.

In this episode of the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast, Scott retraces his entrepreneurial journey, from leaving WestJet, and becoming a real estate developer in one of Canada's hottest markets.

Listen (21 min) | Apple | Google Play | Spotify


4. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination, and few have been on that journey as long as the Oland and Stanfield families.

In this episode, Eric Morse speaks to QuantumShift alums Andrew Oland, CEO of Moosehead Breweries, and Jon Stanfield, CEO of Stanfield’s Ltd, on how the long history of their business impact how they view, and handle the current disruptive landscape.

Listen to the fascinating histories of two pre-Canadian institutions, and how they continue to balance history, innovation, business, and family.

Listen (62 min) | Apple | Google Play | Spotify