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Mobilizing forces

Mobilizing forces

In industries being disrupted by new entrants, incumbents have the advantages of entrenched regulation and long-time political ties. But new entrants are fighting back with novel strategies, such as petitions, partnering with charities, or sponsoring consumer clubs, in hope of making their customers their allies.

New research in progress from Professor Guy Holburn and Assistant Professor Davin Raiha looks at the power of mobilizing customers or other stakeholders, such as employees and suppliers, to become political advocates.

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  Feb 15, 2018

For the Donald L. Triggs Lecture in International Business, Idris Mootee, CEO and co-founder of Idea Couture, a global strategic innovation firm, will discuss the opportunities for business in our AI future.

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  May 03, 2018

Global Ivey Day (GID) is about re-connecting. With friends. With colleagues. With your section. With your Ivey community. It’s a worldwide celebration of everything Ivey.