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Featured Research
Best way to fair pay

It’s standard practice for North American companies to compensate their CEOs with an annual bonus incentive for increasing profits and to continue to boost their companies’ share price. But what is the fair way to judge whether the CEO should be compensated, and, if so, how much compensation should be given?

Ivey Assistant Professor Frank Li's research looks to answer those questions and more.

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Best way to fair pay

Upcoming Events

Nov 15, 2018

Blockchain and cryptoassets: Regulatory and tax issues

How will blockchain and cryptoassets change the landscape for investors? This half-day conference will introduce you to blockchain, cryptoassets, and securities law regarding initial coin offerings and security token offerings, as well as tax and legal issues around these assets.

Nov 21, 2018

Supply Chain 2030

For the Bob Britney Lecture in Operations, Jury Gualandris, Assistant Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability, and a panel of business leaders will discuss how to take your supply chain to the next level.

May 02, 2019

Global Ivey Day

Global Ivey Day (GID) is about re-connecting. With friends. With colleagues. With your section. With your Ivey community. It’s a worldwide celebration of everything Ivey. Galas, award dinners, corporate receptions, and networking events at novel venues are all part of the program around the world.