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Featured Research
The Disruption Roundtables

In what is often described as the age of disruption, we are facing far-reaching disruptions – digital transformation and other technological advances, social disruptions, unstable political and global structures, hyper-competition, revolutionary innovations, and climate change are a few examples. These disruptions are Broader (covering most sectors in society), Deeper (potentially transforming industries to the core and breaking boundaries), and Arriving Faster than leaders have previously experienced.

As we look at these global and interconnected challenges, we realize we haven’t begun to fully consider all of the issues the next generation of leaders will face. 

For this reason, the Ivey Business School is conducting a series of roundtable discussions to examine the critical questions leaders face in this coming age of disruption. The goal is to understand disruption and make it work to the advantage of business and society.

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The Disruption Roundtables