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Game strategy

Game strategy

In the competitive world of business, it might be easy to get carried away. Associate Professor Fredrik Odegaard calls this the “paradox of escalation,” as often happens to bidders during auctions. It’s when competing organizations escalate their bids in order to reduce their losses.

Odegaard’s research explains how random shocks or events that can happen in business can help to deescalate the conflict.

“If you don’t get a shock, your incentives are always to continue, because rather than accept your sunk cost you’ll always want to raise it one more increment, in order to get that grand prize,” he said.

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The behaviour of individual investors

  Sep 14, 2017

For the Tangerine Lecture in Finance, Terrance Odean, Rudd Family Foundation Professor and Chair of the Finance Group at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, will discuss how behavioural biases and decision heuristics may be putting your investment returns at risk.


  Oct 20, 2017

In true Ivey fashion, our Homecoming Weekend is one of the most successful events of its kind in Canada. Join us next year to celebrate your milestone reunion, and reconnect and reminisce with your classmates at the School.