Asian Management Institute

The Asian Management Institute was formally established in April 1997 and is based at the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. AMI represents Ivey’s commitment to the development and dissemination of a leading body of research and teaching materials on Asian business..

The three primary activities of the Asian Management Institute are:

  1. The development of Asian educational materials (business case studies) through an International Case Development Program.
  2. The establishment of research initiatives within AMI devoted to understanding and enhancing the competitiveness of business in key Asian markets, such as China and Hong King, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and others.
  3. The recruitment of Asia-specialized faculty members to support Ivey’s existing programs as well as the Asia-based Executive MBA and MBA programs.

Developing and disseminating the world’s leading body of research

This knowledge is being developed first hand by Ivey faculty in Asia, working directly with Asian business to:

  • Generate applied research useful to managers doing business in Asia
  • Create much needed Asian-related business cases
  • Provide case writing and case teaching skills to other Asian business schools
  • Create strong partnerships with businesses and organizations at the forefront of Asian business

This experiential knowledge base is enabling Ivey to achieve the following:

  • Enhance international understanding of the nature of Asian business practices
  • Deliver high quality MBA and executive development programs with more Asian relevance
  • Raise the profile of the Richard Ivey School of Business as an international leader in learning on best practices for doing business in Asia

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Latest Research

The Impact of Vicarious Experience on Foreign Location Strategy

by Paul Beamish, Guoliang Jiang, Guy Holburn, September 30, 2014. Journal of International Management

Ivey Business School Selected Cases

by William Wei, Paul Beamish, August 01, 2014. Truth and Wisdom Press

The Effect of Host Country Long Term Orientation on Subsidiary Ownership and Survival

by Paul Beamish, George Peng, June 19, 2014. Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Protecting Intellectual Property in China

by Andreas Schotter, Mary Teagarden, June 19, 2014. Sloan Management Review (MIT)

Financial Support

Financial support is essential to the ongoing work of developing materials for Asia.