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    A world of research and teaching excellence.

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    5 Ivey PhD candidates received Ontario Graduate Scholarships in 2012.

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    Ivey PhD students glean prestigious awards.

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    Researching economic engagement in the developing world.

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    Ivey PhD candidate receives prestigious award.

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A World of Research & Teaching Excellence

PhD in Business Administration

  Why the Ivey PhD
  Why the Ivey PhD

Ivey’s PhD Program in Business Administration, Canada's longest established program, is an intensive research-based program designed to develop an individual's analytic, research and teaching ability and prepare PhD candidates for a career in university teaching and research.

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General Management
General Management
Information Systems
Information Systems
Management Science
Management Science
Operations Management
Operations Management
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour
Melissa Leithwood, Ivey PhD Candidate
Melissa Leithwood
Ivey PhD Candidate
"At Ivey I'm given the encouragement and research skills I need to produce innovative research with practical relevance."

Ivey PhD in Finance

Gain an understanding of statistical and econometric methods, along with knowledge of the financial and capital market environment and an awareness of major current issues facing financial managers.

Bassam Farah, Ivey PhD Candidate
Bassam Farah
Ivey PhD Candidate
"Pursuing a PhD in International Business at Ivey is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life!"

Ivey PhD in General Management

Examine how firms can remain successful in a rapidly changing world characterized by increasing globalization, heightened competitive pressures and complex social and technological environments.

Majid Eghbali-Zarch, Ivey PhD Candidate
Majid Eghbali-Zarch
Ivey PhD Candidate
"I knew Ivey would help me make my desired difference in my life and my society. In retrospect, I was indeed right."

Ivey PhD in Information Systems

Focus on the design, development, implementation and use of information technology, as well as how it influences (and how it is influenced by) processes, people, groups, organizations, countries and societies.

Matt Wong, Ivey PhD Candidate
Matt Wong
Ivey PhD Candidate
"Whether they are world-renowned academics or entrepreneurs of successful businesses, Ivey has enabled me to see both."

Ivey PhD in Management Science

Develop an understanding of the basic theoretical models and their application in the modern competitive corporation, and an awareness of those corporations and industries where competence in management science is essential for corporate survival and growth.

Theodore Noseworthy, Ivey PhD Candidate
Theodore Noseworthy
Ivey PhD Candidate
"I chose Ivey Marketing because when you care about realism and relevance, there really is no other choice."

Ivey PhD in Marketing

Fundamentally concerned with the description and prediction of decision outcomes, the Marketing field involves all aspects of the firm that relate to customers, competitors, distributors and business regulators.

David Barrett, Ivey PhD Candidate
David Barrett
Ivey PhD Candidate
"Ivey has enhanced my appreciation and understanding of how operations management impacts all aspects of an organization."

Ivey PhD in Operations Management

Explore how firms transform inputs into outputs, thereby creating value for customers while simultaneously capturing value from customers.

Meredith Woodwark, Ivey PhD Candidate
Meredith Woodwark
Ivey PhD Candidate
"Two criteria drove my selection of a PhD program: the academic rigour of the training, and the relevance of the research to organizations.  I found both in the Ivey program."

Ivey PhD in Organizational Behaviour

Focus on understanding the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations, using theories and methods from a wide variety of disciplines including pschology, sociology, political science, anthropology, statistics and economics.

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We will be accepting applications for the September 2014 term starting October 15 2013.

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