Ivey is a global leader in producing Asia-related research. This growing body of work by our internationally-recognized faculty and PhD students can be found in books and leading journals. Our research digs into the key issues that affect business and management in Asia, including cooperative strategies, leadership, and Japanese Foreign Direct Investment (JFDI).

Assisted by the Asian Management Institute, Ivey is continually adding new research on a regular basis. This effort contributes to Ivey's ranking as the top school in the world for International Strategic Management research in the past decade (Source: Journal of International Management, 2003).

Recent Publications

The Impact of Vicarious Experience on Foreign Location Strategy

by Paul Beamish, Guoliang Jiang, Guy Holburn, September 30, 2014. Journal of International Management

Ivey Business School Selected Cases

by William Wei, Paul Beamish, August 01, 2014. Truth and Wisdom Press

The Effect of Host Country Long Term Orientation on Subsidiary Ownership and Survival

by Paul Beamish, George Peng, June 19, 2014. Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Protecting Intellectual Property in China

by Andreas Schotter, Mary Teagarden, June 19, 2014. Sloan Management Review (MIT)

Expatriation and its Effect on Headquarters Attention in the Multinational Enterprise

by Jean-Louis Schaan, Simon Parker, Yves Plourde, June 11, 2014. Strategic Management Journal

The relational effect of the rule of law: A comparative study of Japanese and South Korean foreign direct investment

by Glenn Rowe, David Kunsch, Karin Schnarr, June 01, 2014. Asian Academy of Management Journal

Domestic alliance network to attract foreign partners: Evidence from international joint ventures in China

by Brian Pinkham, W. Shi, L. Sun, Mike Peng, April 21, 2014. Journal of International Business Studies

MNC Subsidiary Size and Expatriate Control: Resource-Dependence and Learning Perspectives

by Paul Beamish, George Peng, January 01, 2014. Journal of World Business

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Significant Research

In the wake of backlash against Made-in-China toys in 2007, two studies done by Ivey Professor Paul Beamish and Hari Bapuji at the University of Manitoba generated significant international attention. The two studies: “Toy Recall – Is China Really the Problem?”  and “Toy Import and Recall Levels: Is There a Connection?” were published by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and quoted in over 200 media outlets.

In 2008, a follow-up paper called “Toy Recalls and China: One Year Later”, again published by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada,  noted that the number of recalls continued to increase in 2008. However, the total number of toy units recalled appeared to decrease.