Leading the way in developing research and teaching materials for Asia

Working closely with overseas institutions, Ivey faculty have played a key role in the assembly of learning materials for Asia. Through the publishing of textbooks, textbook chapters, articles, and cases with relevance to the region, AMI provides management learning and teaching materials relevant to the region.

The Institute has a number of initiatives underway to develop and distribute research and teaching materials on Asian business. These initiatives build on the legacy of several past successes, some of which are listed here:

  • Forming partnerships with regional institutes.
  • Providing business cases translated into Asian languages.
  • Created a 16-volume casebook series for China, published in English and Simplified Chinese characters. 
  • Created a six-volume casebook series for Taiwan, published in Traditional Chinese Characters.
  • Organized 18 Ivey professors to consult with professors from Chinese universities in selecting the most highly-regarded textbooks from around the world for reprinting.
  • Organizing annual case writing and teaching workshops to introduce the region to the case method. 
China Casebook Series

Beginning in 1998, the Asian Management Institute partnered with Multi-Lingua Publishing International Inc., China Machine Press, and Huazhang Graphics Company to develop "A Total Solution for Management Education Material in China". Done in collaboration with Tsinghua University in Beijing, Ivey compiled 16 casebooks to directly correspond to each of the required courses in China’s MBA programs. The casebooks are in keeping with the requirement established by the State Education Commission of China for teaching 25 per cent of the MBA curriculum via the case method.

The collection was expanded to a set of 16 Ivey casebooks, including 219 cases in Chinese. A new phase of translated casebooks for China added topics, such as e-commerce, international entrepreneurship, and organizational behaviour.

The China Casebook Series, accompanied by teaching notes for qualified instructors, is available in major book stores throughout China.


Professor Paul Beamish, Director of the Asian Management Institute (right) presented the largest collection of business casebooks produced for China to Zhu Rongji, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (left).

casebo3 thumb
China Casebooks 1999
(in Simplified Chinese)

casebo4 thumb
China Casebooks 2001
(in Simplified Chinese)

China Casebooks 2008
(in Simplified Chinese)


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Financial Support

Financial support is essential to the ongoing work of developing materials for Asia.