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Electricity privatization and restructuring in Ontario and abroad: Expert panel event

Nov 30, 2015 - Join Professor Guy Holburn and three electricity sector experts for an interactive discussion on electricity privatization and restructuring in Ontario.

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Donald L. Triggs Lecture in International Business – The Hassle Factor: Don’t let travel inconveniences curtail your company’s international success
October 14, 2015

Why do so many Canadian companies expand south of the border when there is literally a world of opportunity out there? It's the same reason multinationals opt for one country over another, even if it means overlooking an ideal market. Convenience often trumps strategy when it comes to location choices and it’s a phenomenon that is limiting companies’ international success. Ivey Assistant Professor Andreas Schotter, MBA ’04, PhD ’09, has identified 11 inconveniences or “hassle factors” that might cause managers to avoid certain foreign locations. He has also ranked countries in terms of their hassle factor. Join Schotter and Con Steers, HBA ’76, Managing Director of Pedra da Gavea Co. Ltd., for an interactive discussion on how to expand your company internationally, make location choices that will tap into your ideal market and boost your bottom line, as well as to make the most of the locations your company already has. Steers will share lessons learned from his business experiences in Brazil.

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Are P3s the answer to Canada's infrastructure deficit?
October 13, 2015

Canada is widely acknowledged as a leader in using the public-private partnership (P3) model to deliver public infrastructure projects. For example, the Canada Line, a $2-billion rail rapid transit line that opened in August 2009 in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, was the first major rapid rail project undertaken in Canada as a P3 project. It is expected to save $92 million compared to a project solely delivered by traditional means. The complex project was successfully completed ahead of schedule and on budget and is considered to be a great example of the right model in the right place at the right time. Yet, P3 projects are sometimes controversial and have recently come under sharp criticism by Ontario’s Auditor General as a tool to tackle Canada’s infrastructure deficit.

Ivey Professor Paul Boothe, Director of the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management, have an interactive discussion to understand the debate over P3 projects. Boothe will present findings from a new Lawrence Centre study that compares P3 projects with traditionally delivered public-sector infrastructure projects. Using case studies, the two models are compared in terms of process, costs, risk allocation, and the overall benefits to the public. A panel of leaders from public, private, and Crown corporations involved in construction and infrastructure development will also weigh in on when, why, and how P3 projects should be delivered.

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Made in Canada? Rethinking Canadian Manufacturing
September 10, 2015

The world of manufacturing is changing. Are you ready to compete?

Despite being hard hit by the recession and competition from manufacturers in emerging economies, manufacturing continues to make a critical contribution to the Canadian economy. But in order to grow successfully, Canada needs innovative strategies to succeed.

Ivey Professor Paul Boothe, Director of the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management, and a panel of Canadian manufacturing leaders discuss ways Canada can tackle the challenges currently facing the manufacturing industry.

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