Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research


To “B” or not to “B”

Simon Parker is exploring how benefit corporations can gain a sustainable competitive advantage


Gerard Seijts | Attention, business student: You’re in the army now

Ivey’s HBA elective, Leadership Under Fire, a four-day intensive course, recently took place at the Canadian Forces Base Meaford.

Cross Enterprise Leadership Centres

Cross Enterprise Leadership requires different ways of thinking about pressing research questions of today.

Building Sustainable Value

The Centre for Building Sustainable Value exists to provide practitioners and students with the knowledge, tools and capabilities to manage both private and public interests effectively through organizational actions.

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Cross-enterprise leaders need to be able to look beyond specific functions such as finance, marketing and operations to understand how every part of the business fits into a complex business environment.

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Engaging Emerging Markets

Our focus is three-fold: entering emerging markets, operating in emerging markets, and engaging foreign market competitors.

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Distinctive Research Areas


Canada's leading source for accessible and relevant knowledge about agri-food innovation and policy.

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Centres & Institutes

AMI - Asian Management Institute

The Asian Management Institute is dedicated to the development and dissemination of the world's leading body of research and teaching materials on Asian business.

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Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing

The mission of the Centre is to research, teach, apply and promote the style of investing developed by Benjamin Graham in the early 1930s, referred to as Value Investing.

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CPA-Ivey Centre for Accounting Education

The CPA-Ivey Centre for Accounting Education promotes accounting research and teaching. It supports the Managerial Accounting and Control faculty by providing a new forum for innovative thinking.

Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership

Explore the essential competencies and character traits that add up to great leadership.

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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

The Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre is the forum for discovering and disseminating new knowledge about energy issues facing business, government, and civil society.

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Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation

The Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation is dedicated to identifying, assessing and commercializing innovative technologies, systems and processes that will make real change for healthcare providers, patients and the healthcare system.

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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management

The Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management is committed to the development of sound public policy by providing a national forum for business, academia, and government.

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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

The goal of the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship is to enable the leaders and of high-growth entrepreneurial firms to create and capture value.

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