Professor, General Management

  • Paul MacPherson Chair in Strategic Leadership


Crossan is a Distinguished University Professor – Western's highest honour recognizing excellence in teaching, research and service over a substantial career at Western. She teaches in the undergraduate, MBA, Ph.D. and Executive Programs. Her research on organizational learning, strategy, leadership character and improvisation has been widely published in such journals as the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, the Journal of Management Studies, Leadership Quarterly and Organization Dynamics. She has extended her research to management practice through a collection of over 50 cases, many of which have been published in a book she co–authored entitled Strategic Management: A Casebook. She is also an author of the Strategic Analysis and Action textbook. In a joint venture between the Ivey Business School and the Second City Improvisation Company, she developed a management video entitled "Improvise to Innovate" which extends traditional concepts of strategic management to development tools and techniques for more innovative, flexible and responsive strategic action. Her research, case–writing and consulting have provided broad exposure to companies around the world. She has worked with HSBC, Mattel Asia, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank Financial Group, CIBC, Sears Canada, Sun Life and Grand & Toy. Her case on Starbucks has been Ivey's top selling case for many years.


  • Strategic Analysis and Action (MBA, Executive MBA)
  • Transformational Leadership (MBA)
  • Leadership Under Fire (HBA)

Programs Taught

  • PhD
  • Executive Education


  • BA
  • MBA
  • PhD, Western

Selected Publications

  • Seijts, G., Gandz, J., Crossan, M., Reno, M. "Character matters: Character dimensions' impact on leader performance and outcomes". Organization Dynamics, vol 44, 65-74, 2015.
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  • Crossan, M.; Byrne, Alyson. “Linking Candour to Leadership Character with Gen. Rick Hillier” Ivey Business Journal, November 2013.
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  • Bell Canada: Engineering Economics - Ottawa; Installation Foreman - Barrie, Toronto; Construction - London; Human Resource Management - London
  • Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics - Ottawa
  • Department of Finance - Ottawa
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP): Human Resource Management - Ottawa; Criminal Investigations, Ottawa

Research/Course Development

  • Strategic Analysis and Action
  • Improvisation and Strategy
  • Organizational Learning and Strategic Renewal
  • Developing and Executing Strategies
  • Leadership and Character