Admissions & Finance


Our Funding Commitment to Students

All PhD students are funded for four years and typically take home at least $25,000 annually in the form of a tax-free scholarship (net of all fees, tuition etc…).

We also offer our students $8,000 over the course of their PhD career to present their research or serve as discussants at eligible conferences, and an additional $3,000 to help defray expenses related to their thesis research.

There are various other funds linked to our Centres and Institutes that may also be available, and many students successfully apply for other scholarships such as the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and SSHRC Fellowship. In addition, a variety of other individuals, businesses and organizations have generously committed to further investing in our students (for details click here):

  • Brock Scholarships
  • C.B. (Bud) Johnston Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  • Chisholm Doctoral Scholarship
  • G. Mark Curry Doctoral Scholarship
  • Ivey Energy Policy Centre Scholarship
  • John F. Rankin Doctoral Scholarship
  • Professor Al Mikalachki PhD Research Fund
  • S. Chum Torno PhD Scholarship
  • The Berdie & Irvin Cohen Fund for Doctoral Business Scholarship

A variety of other scholarship and loan options exist, such as:

Ivey has also partnered with the BMO Bank of Montreal and TD Canada Trust to create loan packages for Ivey PhD students. Each institution has designated one London branch to handle all Ivey PhD loans. Not all students are eligible, so more information should be obtained as below:

Logo BMO Cathy Walker Email Cathy
(519) 667-6308
($15,000/year for 4 years)
Brenda Lee
Email Brenda
(519) 667-6150
Logo Canada Trust Teri Ambrose Email Teri
(519) 657-2826 x248
$48,000 (assuming no undergraduate debt)

Residents of India may also consider a loan from their home country by contacting HDFC Bank.

Logo Hdfc Neeraj Bassi
Cell: 932089508


US Government Direct Lending Program:

Western University participates in the US government Title IV program known as the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. American students may apply for Stafford loans; parents of dependent undergraduate students may apply for PLUS loans. In addition to the Stafford loans, graduate and students in professional programs may apply for Grad PLUS loans. Students attending a school outside of the US are not eligible for grants offered through the Direct Loans program.

Please click Here for more information.

Tuition Fees

All PhD students must register and pay fees three times during the academic year (September, January and May). Tuition is set by Western University and is subject to change each year. For further information, please click here (and select the "Tuition Fee Schedules" link). 

Our typical funding package of at least $25,000/year is net of these fees and tuition. So, for example, international students are required to pay higher tuition than Canadian or permanent resident students, but Ivey effectively absorbs the difference by providing international students an extra tuition grant.

Average Cost of Living

Below is a summary on the costs associated with living in London and in other Canadian cities

Rent $ 900 $ 1,314 $ 1,017 $ 1,350 $ 1,224
Groceries $ 500 $ 545 $ 570 $ 555 $ 604
Restaurants $ 100 $ 104 $ 92 $ 104 $ 104
Transportation $ 80 $ 100 $ 82 $ 100 $ 88