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2016-34, September 26, 2016

PhD Theses Completed

Dang, C.D., 2016, Three Essays in Empirical Finance and Corporate Governance, Advisor: Foerster, S.R., Li, F.

Desjardine, M., 2016, The Causes and Consequences of Corporate Short-Termism, Advisor: Bansal, P.

Hasse, V.C., 2016, Responses to Subpar Performance in Foreign Subsidiaries, Advisor: Beamish, P.W.

Hu, Y.C., 2016, Social Movement Organization and Robust Action: Creating A Pre-movement in a Movement-inhibiting Environment, Advisor: Rerup, C.

Liaw, C.Y., 2015, A Principal-Agent View on International Hotel Branding and Empirical Evidence from China, Advisor: Chen, S-F.S.

Nastasoiu, M-A., 2016, Evaluating Loyalty Programs with Endogenous Redemption, Advisor: Vandenbosch, M.B.

Pettit, K., 2016, An exploration of the relationship between strategic renewal and occupational identity, Advisor: Crossan, M.M.

Shin, D.J., 2016, Human Resource Management Practices and Performance: A General Systems Perspective, Advisor: Konrad, A.M.

Shulist, P., 2016, "My friends, they are people to rely on": The social foundation of business in Ghana, Advisor: Branzei, O.

Srikant, C.D.S., 2016, Social Barriers to Entry: Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminals in the US from 2000 to 2013, Advisor: Vergne, J-P.

Wang, J., 2016, Designing A Hybrid Experience: The Effect of Experience Structure on Consumers' Evaluations, Advisors: Goode, M.R., Cotte, J.