About Our History

History of Ivey’s leadership

In 1922, Ivey Business School began in the basement of Western’s University College, a small part of the Faculty of Arts program. Now, Ivey takes its place on the global stage, standing as one of the world’s leading business schools. Take a walk through Ivey’s history, from the basement of University College to the boardrooms of some of the top organizations in the world.

1983 Ivey Building Drawing


A timeline of Ivey’s Historic Collection

Ivey’s Historic Collection is a visual library documenting Ivey’s leadership and innovation over the last 97 years. It is a collection of memories by key individuals who have helped to lay the foundation of Ivey.

Our visual record of history is designed so you can search for different artifacts by year or name. From Dr. W. Sherwood Fox’s development of a new undergraduate course using Harvard University’s case method approach in 1919, to the grand opening of the new Ivey building in 2013, Ivey’s history is marked by both significant milestones and the people whose vision and leadership made them happen.

Spend time exploring Ivey’s rich past and experience the inspiring stories of leadership that continue to define the School today.

Richard Ivey Building