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Creating the ideas and insights of leader character

The Institute is establishing itself as the centre for leadership thought, inquiry and education, specifically in the area of leader character. Our goal is to make our work on leader character relevant, accessible and useful to participants in our degree granting programs as well as leaders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. 

Good Leaders Learn

goodleaderslearn-thumbHow do leaders learn to lead? How do they set themselves up for success? Through a series of interviews, Good Leaders Learn explores the real-life experiences of a wide variety of leaders from different industries, sectors, and countries to bring to light new lessons on the importance of life-long learning.

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Leadership on Trial

leadershipontrial-thumbLeadership on Trial is a review of the leadership failings of the 2008-2009 financial crisis answering the questions: What went wrong? Was the leadership problem confined to the financial sector? What can we learn from organizations and leaders who survived and thrived? What do we need to do differently in leadership education and organizational leadership development to avoid a similar crisis?

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HBA Leadership Conference

hbaleadershipconference-thumbStudents will have the opportunity to learn about the importance that character and candour play in becoming better leaders at the second annual HBA Leadership Conference January 21, 2015. And what better way to learn that from two acknowledged leaders in their respective fields – Yvonne Camus and NHL Hall of Famer Mark Messier?

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Research Publications

researchpublications-thumbHere are the most recent research papers on leader character published in refereed journals, books and book chapters. You’ll gain a detailed view of the Institute’s work on leadership, including the impact of character on leader performance and outcomes.

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For Leaders


Explore the real-life experiences of leaders from different industries, sectors and countries that bring to life news lesson in leadership.