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Area Groups

Ivey faculty are world leaders in developmental research that will have significant effect on global and national business practices. If it's important to business, it's happening at Ivey.

Business, Economics, and Public Policy

Ivey's Business, Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) group consists of faculty who research business economics and public policy relevant to managers.


Entrepreneurship involves the identification and creation of new opportunities and technologies, ventures, products and markets.


Finance is an applied branch of economics that deals with how individuals and organizations allocate financial resources over time.

General Management

General Management is about how an enterprise achieves and sustains a high level of success, and the role of the general manager in this process. 

Information Systems

Information Systems research examines the design, development, implementation, use, sourcing, management and value creation of information technology.

International Business

International Business (IB) combines international expertise with the functional areas of General Management, emphasising issues facing the multinational enterprise (MNE) and businesses engaged in dealings across national borders.

Management Communications

Communication is the foundation for the sharing of ideas and concepts and is a key success factor in business situations that involve negotiation and persuasion. 

Management Science

Management Science is concerned with the development and application of mathematical models and scientific methods to all fields of management and business decision making.

Managerial Accounting and Control

Managerial Accounting and Control is concerned with the roles of accounting in organizations and society, and with the behavior of managers and other stakeholders in interacting with accounting information.


Marketing is fundamentally concerned with the description and prediction of decision outcomes, involving all aspects of an organization that relates to its customers, competitors, distributors, and business regulators.

Operations Management

Operations Management focuses on design, planning, control and improvement of the processes that transforms inputs into outputs, thereby creating value for customers. 

Organizational Behaviour

The field of OB focuses on understanding the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations.


Strategy is about creating and defending a competitive advantage in changing environments.


Sustainability creates the conditions so that organizations create value for business and society, today and tomorrow.

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