Claudia Jones

Executive Coach
Expertise: Information Technology, Women in Leadership, Digital Transformation, Analytics, Not-for-Profit, Public Sector, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Healthcare

Claudia Jones

Claudia Jones is an Executive Coach with over 30 years of corporate experience as an IT Leader.    

In her Executive Coaching practice, Claudia has worked with leaders and emerging leaders to develop high-performing teams through leadership development, improving communication strategies and aligning with corporate values. Claudia also specializes in working with women in traditional male-oriented roles and industries. She understands the challenges that arise when you're the only woman in the room.

Claudia started her career as a developer and has specialized in application implementations, project management and data analytics, in corporate, not-for-profit and government offices. The majority of her career was spent working in global companies across various industries (oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and healthcare), where she had to become very accustomed to working in diverse environments, dealing with varying cultures, climates and time zones. 

Claudia has a love of learning in all ‘classrooms’. She has lived across Canada and parts of the US and appreciates the opportunities to gain insight wherever she’s been. She is an avid traveller, and a supporter of the arts and live music; all of which continue to pique her curiosity.

Claudia is passionate about coaching; especially coaching for change. She coaches with integrity, respect and compassion. She ensures that her clients feel heard and supported.

Claudia holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, the LIFT Advanced Coaching Certification from the Ivey Academy, a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Durham College.