Don Vanpool

Executive Coach
Expertise: Healthcare, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Operations Strategy, Energy

Don Vanpool

Don Vanpool is an executive and business coach specifically recognized for building systems, teams and growth platforms over the past 20+ years. Don's professional career includes time as a GE Executive, Private Equity, and service in the US military.

Currently the CEO of OptaProfit, a business coaching company focused on mid-market companies and executives looking to make the transition to entrepreneurial life. Don has coached and developed 100s of executives in corporate America while delivering business results in industries as diverse as medical device manufacturing, banking and financial services and digital education. He also served as a military officer in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Don’s leadership experience in industry includes GM of Global Fulfillment, Vice President of Financial Services Operations, and COO of Digital Operations. His other experiences include management roles in the oil & gas sector. Don was one of the first certified Master Black Belts during the Jack Welsh era of the General Electric Company.

"I take a holistic approach to executive coaching. The focus is on the whole person, while providing specific business expertise where appropriate. I like to balance the practical application of business knowledge with the more nuanced aspects of the human experience. Ultimately my goal is to provide a safe space to explore possibilities while challenging the individual to reach well beyond their comfort zone."