Joshua Dey

Expertise: Energy • Sales • Marketing • Digital Media • Healthcare

Joshua Dey

Joshua is a B2B sales and marketing expert and thought leader with over 15 years of experience facilitating and accelerating strategic transformation in Canada and globally.  

Joshua’s background in marketing, finance, sales, and sales enablement; experience in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, media, and technology; and research in sales, general business, psychology, communications, and customer behavior allows him to bring insights and innovative solutions to his clients' challenges.

His signature strength is the ability to combine deep assessment and understanding of a client’s current state and develop innovative, transformational road maps to guide them forward. As a facilitator, his ability to take complex concepts and turn them into pragmatic, applicable learnings helps accelerate change in individuals and their organizations. His belief that sales teams are a critical, differentiating asset for organizations in a world of commoditization and automation shapes his work of installing outside-in thinking.

In 2019, Josh earned his Master’s Degree in Leading Sales Transformation from Middlesex University. With a focus on the challenges faced by sales professionals in an increasingly disrupted world, and building on his first Master’s Degree in Applied Communications, Joshua has created a practice that creates differentiating customer conversations, enables sales teams to engage in powerful and co-creative dialogue, equips leaders to lead and coach teams in an ambiguous world, and develops the capability to quantify and communicate customer value.

Not just an armchair consultant, Joshua has demonstrated a willingness to roll up his sleeves and get the work done with his clients, which he has done at some of the world’s leading organizations, including Abbott Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson, Bell Canada, Yellow Pages, Nokia Software, Kjiji (an eBay company), Ricoh, 3M, and Nokia/Microsoft, among others.