David Barrett

Expertise: Operations, Health Care Administration, Lean Management

David Barrett is a Professor of Operations Management in Ivey’s HBA and EMBA programs, as well as the Executive Director of the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation (IICHI).

Dave’s consulting-based experiences with healthcare clinicians and administrators has largely motivated his focused interest on the design, delivery and capture of value for and from customers through the deployment of a well-designed lean management approach. His team of researchers at IICHI focuses on improving upon the value created and captured through systematic improvements and disruptions to the healthcare delivery value chain and for the healthcare system in totality.

Dave’s unique blend of coaching, consulting and academic training enables him to apply a rare mix of skills and perspectives to problems within the operations and supply chain functional areas of a business. He’s worked with several organizations in an executive education and consulting capacity, including the London Health Sciences Centre, Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, General Electric, the Ontario Public Service, Medtronic, Mondelez, Pfizer, Sprint, Bell, Aliant, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the City of London, and the Centre for Effective Practice.