David Simpson

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Corporate Finance

David Simpson is a London, Ontario-based financier with a broad range of business experiences and a passion for entrepreneurship. He has financed and operated a diverse range of businesses, including restaurants, golf courses, aircraft leasing, oil field serves, and retail.

David completed a B.A. in Political Science through part-time study while he played professional hockey in the New York Islanders organization. Upon retirement from hockey, David completed an MBA at the Ivey Business School, graduating in 1988. Upon graduation, David began a career as an entrepreneur engaging in all aspects of corporate finance in the small business sector.

In 1989, David was the co-founder of The New Enterprise Workshop, one of the earliest attempts (supported by the Ontario provincial government) to support fledgling entrepreneurs. As an operator himself in a family business, David is keen to support Ivey’s efforts to understand and support learning in this vital sector of the Canadian economy. As a practicing entrepreneur, David is passionate to promote this lifestyle choice as Program Director of FamilyShift™, an executive education program for entrepreneurial families.


QuantumShift™ for Entrepreneurs

Empowering entrepreneurs. Transforming businesses.

In partnership with KPMG Enterprise, Ivey’s QuantumShift™ will help improve your leadership style, inspire your business partners, and maximize your growth opportunities.

Starts October 17, 2021

London, Ontario, Canada

Starts November 7, 2021 Session Full

London, Ontario, Canada

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Transforming entrepreneurial families.

Managing a family business is unique, and complex. In partnership with KPMG Enterprise, this program focuses on strategies and tactics for addressing leadership, growth, and ownership issues in family businesses.

Starts October 4, 2021

Niagara on the Lake, ON, Canada

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June 18th, 2020

The impact of the global pandemic on professional sports

The Ivey Academy’s Dave Simpson was joined by a panel of sports professionals to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on professional sports from a leadership and media perspective in this complimentary livestream. The panel talked about how cancellations are impacting players, employees, sponsors, and fans; the significance of a return to sport; innovation shown by sports-related businesses during the pandemic; and social justice in sports.

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