Kanina Blanchard

Assistant Professor, Management Communications & General Management
Expertise: Communication, Change and General Management, Coaching, Leadership

Kanina Blanchard

Kanina Blanchard has extensive experience working in international business, the public service, non-profit, and consulting. Having lived and worked on four continents she is recognized for her ability to adapt, lead teams and projects, and navigate complexities across various sectors, geographies, and cultures. With expertise in the areas of organizational and communication challenges as well as issues, crisis and change management, her greatest passion is in the area of leadership development, education, and coaching.

From CEOs and C-Suite executives to emerging leaders, and from the next generation of professionals to those seeking to leave a leadership legacy, Kanina focuses on supporting those seeking to grow and develop their character, competencies, and commitment. Kanina brings more than 30 years of practical, dynamic, and real-world experience to the table along with a deepening array of research and academic credentials that grounds her consulting practices in the creation of transformational and sustainable change. As a consultant she is committed to provide clients with targeted and customized strategic solutions to challenges that impact organizational and leadership brand, reputation, and bottom line. As an academic, her focus and research is on responsible leadership, women in leadership and on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.




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Starts February 26, 2024

London, Ontario, Canada

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Communication and Leadership Presence

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