Larry Plummer

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, New Venture Creation

Larry Plummer is an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship. He earned a Ph.D. in strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Before joining Ivey in 2014, Larry was an assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma's Price College of Business before moving to Clemson University's College of Business and Behavioral Science as an assistant professor.

Larry’s teaching centres on new venture creation, ideation, innovation, entrepreneurial strategy, and business planning. As director of the Ivey New Venture Project, Larry oversees Ivey’s entrepreneurial team-based field project that takes students through the process of:

  • developing and refining an idea for a new venture;
  • researching and analyzing the opportunity;
  • writing a detailed and compelling Business Plan; and
  • creating and presenting an "Investor Pitch" to an external review panel or potential investors.

Larry’s business experience includes two consulting startups, new venture investing, as well as international consulting and management positions in the aerospace, environmental technology, and television/film sectors.


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