Mehmet A. Begen

Expertise: Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Mehmet A. Begen

Professor Mehmet Begen is an industrial engineer and a management scientist with research interests in operations research (OR) applications, healthcare operations management, scheduling, simulation and data-driven approaches.

Besides the Decision Making with Analytics and End User Modeling courses at Ivey, Mehmet has taught courses in optimization and spreadsheet programming in graduate levels at Sauder (UBC).

Mehmet worked in management consulting as a project manager before his Ph.D. studies. He is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP).


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August 6th, 2020

Using analytics to improve decision-making

Analytics professors Fredrik Odegaard and Mehmet A. Begen share examples of organizations that have successfully used analytics to identify business improvement opportunities, explain how to begin solving business problems using analytics, and discuss how to make decisions under uncertainty (such as the pandemic).

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