Murray Bryant

Expertise: Accounting, Strategic Costing

Murray Bryant holds a B.Com. (Canterbury), a M.Com.(Auckland), a M.A. (Ohio State), a Ph.D. (Cincinnati), and a CA (New Zealand).

Beginning in 1980, Murray was a member of the Faculty of Management at the University of Toronto, before joining Ivey in 1996. His teaching and research area is accounting, particularly the area of Strategic Costing for management decision making. He has published articles, monographs, and cases in this field, some of which have been international prize winners.

In 1996, Murray received the prestigious OCUFA award, a province-wide award for teaching, program innovation, and program leadership for his work as Director of the University of Toronto’s Executive MBA program from 1992-1996. At The Ivey Academy, Murray has taught extensively on executive education programs and is the current program director of a custom program for Erasmus University.