Yasser Rahrovani

Associate Professor, Information Systems
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Creative Economy, Innovation

Yasser  Rahrovani

Yasser is devoted to studying the unforeseen and emergent elements that arise from the integration of digital technologies in organizations. Despite the substantial investments made by organizations in digital transformation, there is a growing concern about 'digital drifting'—a deviation from the initially planned strategies, exacerbated by the adaptable and versatile nature of today’s digital tools and platforms. Yasser seeks to unravel the complexity of this phenomenon, investigating the triggers and processes that lead to such unplanned transformations.

His research is divided into three distinct yet interconnected areas. Firstly, he explores user-driven innovations, scrutinizing the ways in which innovative digital behaviours emerge, their unique origins, and their subsequent impacts on work practices. Secondly, Yasser delves into the intricate processes of digital strategy evolution, focusing on the nuanced mechanisms that underpin emergent changes in strategy. Lastly, his work examines the transformative impacts of digital technologies on organizations, analyzing shifts in organizational mission, logic, and identity induced by digital incorporation. Through these avenues of inquiry, Yasser aims to broaden the academic understanding of digital drifting and its multifaceted implications for organizations navigating the digital landscape.


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