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COVID-19 is changing the way media is produced and consumed. During this time of pandemic-induced quarantine, people are more captive than ever, and as a result, are consuming more media than ever. How has this changed the media industry and what will it look like post-pandemic?

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020. The Ivey Academy hosted a complimentary livestream featuring media professionals Paul Wells, Senior Writer, Maclean’s; Troy Reeb, EVP, Corus; and Susan Delacourt, Senior Writer, The Toronto Star. Together they discussed the business impact COVID-19 is having on media and its ability to monetize content, getting the facts right, scare-tactics and fear-mongering, the importance of an independent news media, whether the federal government is doing enough to support the Canadian news and broadcasting sectors.

Key webinar content

Core topics

  • The current state of the media during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Who can be relied on for credible facts and information?
  • Recent media consumption patterns and advertising revenue
  • Is the news media a public good?
  • The economics of media
  • The role of journalism in sorting through an overwhelming amount of information
  • The relationship between government subsidies and impartial, independent journalism
  • Reliable coverage of the COVID-19 situation in Quebec and the United States
  • Is there an opportunity for marketing agencies to partner with media organizations to help deliver ad revenue?
  • The types of stories consumers are looking for and the highest-performing content right now
  • What does the future hold for news media in Canada?
  • Shifting news delivery to new platforms and continuous innovation
  • Media subsidies and regulatory burden
  • Increasing transparency to differentiate credible journalism from faux journalism

Memorable quote

“This (COVID-19) is one of the three greatest stories of my life … whenever you retire and look back on your career, this will be remembered as one of the greatest moments of your life. So what are you doing today to measure up to that challenge? That’s what separates the people who will remember this time with some satisfaction with the people who are going to spend the rest of their life regretting it.” – Paul Wells, Senior Writer, Maclean's

Additional reading

How to pay for the future of journalism, Financial Post
Media outlets push for regulatory changes to level the playing field amid coronavirus pandemic, Global News

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