Is Tech the Answer to Economic Uncertainty?

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We often hear that “history repeats,” but how do we predict the post-COVID recovery? Will we see another Roaring Twenties, driven by booming consumer demand and new technologies? We welcome Janet Bannister, HBA '92, Managing Partner at Real Ventures, and Kevin O’Brien, HBA '93, President and GM of WW Canada, for a discussion of what the rebound could look like for Canada.

Key topics

In this session:

  • 0:08 Introduction
  • 2:35 Panelists
  • 3:35 Responding to economic uncertainty
  • 12:00 Tech and startups in Canada
  • 15:45 Operating with a digital-first mindset
  • 21:55 Investment and capital post-COVID
  • 24:40 The climate for startups
  • 31:00 Investor attitudes to risk
  • 34:20 Women tech entrepreneurs
  • 37:35 Will we see consolidation in tech?
  • 43:10 Valuing companies in the tech bubble
  • 45:25 How executive skillsets are changing
  • 50:00 Is Canada set up for long-term success?
  • 53:55 Will the tech industry help with recovery?

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