Crosscurrents: Borrowing innovation from Canadian agri-business

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The agriculture and agri-food system is a key driver of Canada's economy. In 2018 it generated 7.4% of our GDP and accounted for one in every eight jobs. Agriculture in Canada is also a long-established, at times traditional industry currently experiencing deep disruption. From automation to alternative proteins, the ecosystem is changing rapidly.

We welcome Ryan Riese, HBA '09 and MBA '15, National Director, Agriculture at RBC, and Jessica Kelly, HBA '09, entrepreneur and lecturer at Ivey Business School, as we explore ways to apply learning and innovation from agriculture to other disrupted industries.

Key topics

In this session:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:05 Panelists
  • 3:30 Understanding agriculture
  • 12:05 Changes in 2020, 2021
  • 22:00 Opportunities in the industry
  • 29:45 Inclusion challenges for agri-business
  • 38:15 Getting into the ag sector
  • 43:45 Lessons from agri-business
  • 49:30 Urban sprawl
  • 55:00 Closing words

Livestream Series: Crosscurrents

This session is part of Crosscurrents, a live podcast series on the economic and policy questions shaping our future. Featuring Canadian leaders from across business and government, we look beyond the trends to find hidden crosscurrents in technology, culture, and leadership.

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