Podcast: An inclusive recovery — Building back better with employee ownership

With businesses across the country now facing a third wave of lockdowns, and 53% of Canadian households at risk of insolvency, the full economic impact of COVID clearly has yet to be felt. More alarming still is the way that fallout has been distributed — disproportionately affecting women, low-wage workers, young people, racialized Canadians, people with disabilities and living with mental illness, and rural communities without reliable internet access. While we’re in the same storm, Canadians are not all in the same boat.

This rapid acceleration of wealth and social inequality poses critical questions for policymakers as the country plans for recovery. How do we set the stage for a more inclusive economy, that helps build more resilient communities and businesses?

In this episode:

In this episode guest-host Mark Healy and Jon Shell, MBA ‘03, Managing Director of Social Capital Partners (SCP) explore the outlook for Canadian business, the potential benefits of an employee ownership model, and other ways leaders can start thinking practically about social responsibility and equality.

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Key topics

In this session:

0:00​  - Introduction by Mazi Raz
0:47 - Land Acknowledgement and Introduction by Mark Healy
4:48 - ​Social Capital Partners
9:40 -​ The outlook for small business
11:44 -​ Mitigating bankruptcy for business owners
15:08-​ Learning as business owners
18:25 - Can business and government work better?
20:44 - Employee ownership trusts
24:24 - Taylor Guitars as an example
28:18 -​ Building resilience through community
33:08 - When to pursue an employee ownership model
40:07 - Employee ownership regulations in Canada
43:30 - The business community and the failure of "self-regulation"
45:50 - Outro/ Closing remarks

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