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Learn from the same Ivey Business School faculty members who lead our MBA, MSc, and PhD programs. You'll come away from each program with actionable insights for your role through real-world case studies, interactive learning, cross-sector networking, and guided self-reflection.

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The Ivey Academy open program portfolio spans a wide range of executive learning experiences, from core leadership to focused business acumen and industry-specific challenges.

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The Ivey Academy Experience

The Ivey Academy Experience is our holistic approach to learning and development for leaders. These pillars act as guideposts for our participant and client experience, enabling us to go beyond skill development – driving toward transformational behaviour change for individuals and deep strategic impact for organizations.

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Strategy And Vision
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  • Design with deep market sensing, rigorous participant evaluations, and continuous iteration.
  • Co-create impactful content and learning experiences through partnerships with clients.
  • Build connections with leaders, industries, and organizations worldwide to understand contemporary business challenges.
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Change And Transformation
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  • Challenge our team, clients, and participants to consider bold new perspectives and research on the Critical Issues of our time.
  • Integrate technology solutions, virtual learning, interactive simulations, and multimedia materials.
  • Collaborate across Ivey's Labs, Centres, and Institutes to offer the latest in business thought leadership.
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Communication And Influence
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  • Immerse participants through innovative approaches to experiential learning.
  • Enable preparation and sustainment with interactive activities, simulations, and assessments.
  • Use real-world case studies, guests, and field visits to illustrate concepts.
  • Provide community-building opportunities, encouraging participants to share ideas and create connections.
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Execution And Excellence
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  • Generate impact and change with applied, practical approaches to learning.
  • Provide alumni with ongoing benefits and sustainment resources.
  • Demonstrate return on investment and measurable business outcomes for clients and individuals.
  • Create space for active reflection and application of learning.
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Relationships And Collaboration
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  • Welcome and value all participants irrespective of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and physical appearance.
  • Set expectations for behaviour and participation that promote respect and collaboration in a safe environment.
  • Exceed accessibility standards, striving towards Universal Design for Learning and proactive accommodation.

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