Canadian Municipal Leadership Accelerator

Equip yourself for success in municipal government leadership and connect with peers from municipalities across Canada. Delivered in partnership with AMCTO.


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$6,490 CAD

Fall Session
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date icon November 5 - Friday, November 8, 2024
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Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre

Purpose and Impact

Leading in a municipal organization means balancing broad responsibilities, multiple interest groups, and unique challenges. The Canadian Municipal Leadership Accelerator enables your personal and professional growth as a leader, unlocking new strategies to work collaboratively with others and drive transformational change.

Our mission is to foster sustainable, resilient communities across Canada. Developed in partnership with the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) and delivered by Ivey Business School, the program connects a carefully curated group of participants from diverse regions, areas of functional expertise, and lived experiences. Through highly interactive sessions led by expert Ivey faculty members, you will learn by engaging with self-assessment tools, simulations, guest speakers, and real-world case scenarios.

Join the Canadian Municipal Leadership Accelerator to explore your unique identity as a leader, boost your self-awareness, hone your ability to persuade and influence others, and find new ways to nurture an inclusive, collaborative culture at work.

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Purpose and Impact

Participant Profile

The Canadian Municipal Leadership Accelerator is designed for senior municipal leaders in any functional area of their municipal organization who want to strengthen their leadership skills and learn to manage broad and collaborative change. Participants commonly include individuals in Director, Councillor, Mayor, Regional Manager, CAO, and VP roles.

Learning Outcomes

Developing your personal approach to leadership

  • Use data-driven assessment tools to gain enhanced awareness of yourself and others.
  • Explore purpose-driven leadership and align your personal motivations with community-level impact.
  • Apply the key drivers of decision-making through real-world case studies.

Leading collaborative teams and projects

  • Use negotiation to build long-term relationships and shared value for multiple interest groups.
  • Balance performance and well-being to adapt to the new evolution of the workplace.

Navigating the municipal government context

  • Deeply understand the unique, emerging challenges facing municipal leaders.
  • Lead change in complex environments and build consensus across functional groups.
  • Practice responding to a crisis situation while communicating clearly and effectively.


The Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) is Ontario’s largest municipal sector professional association. AMCTO’s mission is to deliver professional growth, networks, advocacy, and leadership to support and strengthen the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of municipal professionals now and into the future. AMCTO is the ‘go-to’ organization to foster expertise and excellence within the municipal sector, with over 80 years’ of experience providing education, accreditation, leadership, and management expertise for Ontario municipal professionals.

How You Learn

The Canadian Municipal Leadership Accelerator is deeply experiential, grounded in case research, and facilitated by expert faculty from Ivey Business School. Our real-world approach to learning for executives is about practical application. You'll finish the program with new skills, crowdsourced wisdom, and a clear strategy to tackle specific challenges back at work.

Learn more about the Ivey Experience
Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Ivey Case Method
Ivey Case Method
Industry Guests
Industry Guests
Peer Learning Teams
Peer Learning Teams
Assessment Tools
Assessment Tools

Return on Investment

  • Earn a certificate and digital credential from Ivey. This Ivey badge is linked to a unique URL, allowing you to showcase your advanced proficiency in online profiles.
  • Expand your professional network of peers in municipal government leadership.
  • Take time for mindfulness and reflection to restore energy and motivation.
  • Enhance your awareness to become a more effective, inclusive, emotionally intelligent leader.
  • Plan for succession and create a leadership pipeline to develop and sustain future leadership capability.
  • Adopt insights from Ivey faculty, industry experts, and peers in municipal government.
  • Encourage an inclusive culture to foster belonging and well-being.
  • Explore contemporary research on critical business issues to better navigate ongoing challenges in municipal government leadership.

Participant Testimonials

This program is a life-changing experience that has a powerful impact and challenges your leadership to higher levels. If you want to become a leader of profound character and lead your team in an impactful way, you need to attend.

Rob Adams, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville

I highly recommend the program to anyone with municipal leadership responsibilities. The experience offers invaluable learning from peers, insights into your leadership style, and unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Katrina Furlanetto, Cataraqui Conservation Embracing Lifelong Learning in the Canadian Municipal Sector

It was an excellent environment, working in teams and navigating the many "grey" situations, testing judgement and ability to extract pertinent facts from the case material. The group discussions were also a great opportunity to get perspectives on the cases from other municipal executives. The exercises which allowed insight into our leadership styles were quite valuable. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone in a leadership role.

Kevin Breen, City Manager, City of St. John's

The high-level case studies challenged my own understanding and leadership orientation in a variety of complex scenarios. Most importantly, the program as a whole provided me with a strong avenue for self-reflection that I have been able to utilize and grow in a way that supports my role as a leader in my municipality.

Demetre Rigakos, Director of Human Resources, City of Vaughan

It was an unbelievable experience... I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and meet fellow professionals at such a world class facility. I have already changed select behaviours based on my learnings in the program. Gerard, Ann and Kylie were excellent hosts.

David Stewart, CMO, Treasurer, Deputy CAO, Hastings Highland

I can confidently say that was the most informative program I have completed. It provides extreme value for the money. I learned more about myself and leadership in those 3 days than my combined work experience! Totally appreciative of the program. I think that's the sort of education program AMCTO should offer! I would also agree 'the people in the program make the program.' Gerard and Ann are amazing.

Paul Shipway, CMO, CAO, Municipality of Bayham

Ivey is nothing like I've experienced before. The amount of work put into the program, the details – it is amazing and current.

Celine Anderson, Treasurer/Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Markstay-Warren

The program taught me what the key leadership skills are and what they look like through well-chosen examples. I have learned more in three days then I have in previous week long courses.

Kira Dolch, Associate Director Planning and Development Services, Town of Fort Erie

Ivey’s faculty were genuinely passionate about the subject matter. The interactive environment enabled the group to feel connected and work collaboratively throughout the program.

Amy Grose, Township of Mapleton Embracing Lifelong Learning in the Canadian Municipal Sector

Learning alongside other municipal leaders allowed me to hear so many diverse perspectives on our common challenges. Learning from others' experiences clarified my own approach to leadership.

Alana Del Greco, AMCTO Embracing Lifelong Learning in the Canadian Municipal Sector


$6,490 CAD

The program fee covers program materials, meals, and hotel accommodations. Program fees are tax-exempt.

Applications must be submitted no later than 14 days before the start of the program.


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On the program page, select 'Apply Now' and choose your preferred start date. Submit the program application form and select a payment method. A program advisor may contact you to discuss your eligibility for the program. Once your application is approved, you will be billed directly or receive an invoice. Payment of program fees is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice and no less than 15 days before the program start date.

What funding resources are available? plus small icon minus small icon

Organizations and participants in Canada may benefit from the Canada Job Grant or the Canada Training Credit to offset a portion of program fees. Visit our Funding Resources page to learn more.

Can I reserve my spot in the program? plus small icon minus small icon

Seats in programs may be reserved for a limited time, pending availability. Contact a program advisor to request a reservation. A program application must then be confirmed within 15 business days and no less than 30 days before the program start date.