Digital Agility in Organizations

Empower your organization with strategic foresight and awareness of critical global trends. Find new competitive advantages through digital innovation and technology.


$590 CAD

Purpose and Impact

New technologies are reshaping the fabric of global business around us. Leaders today face the challenge of navigating—and building—complex digital ecosystems that span customers, suppliers, partners, and communities worldwide.

Digital Agility in Organizations is a focused workshop designed to equip managers and executives with the strategic frameworks and insight needed to thrive in digitally-centric markets. Working through real-world case examples of successful (and unsuccessful) digital transformation, you will explore your organization’s competitive positioning in a global market and map the likely impacts of disruption in your industry.

Align your strategic decisions with global market dynamics, accelerate innovation at scale by leveraging emerging technologies, and recognize the 'signal' amidst the 'noise' of technological change. This workshop offers an essential opportunity for leaders to enhance digital resilience while boosting their organizational readiness to capitalize on any technology trend. Only by understanding the intersection between digitalization and globalization can you shift your leadership mindset from reacting to anticipating.

Participant Profile

Designed for mid-management to C-suite leaders across diverse industries, this workshop offers essential learning for professionals in large multinationals, leaders of innovative startups, and entrepreneurs with a global vision. It caters to individuals and teams seeking cross-functional expertise to navigate international markets effectively, enhancing digital agility for strategic advantage. Whether you aim to lead digital transformation initiatives, innovate within tech and energy, or drive forward-thinking strategies in manufacturing and finance, this workshop offers invaluable insights and skills for the forward-looking leader.

Learning Outcomes

Enhancing strategic agility in digital transformation

  • Gauge the critical digital trends reshaping your industry to inform strategic planning.
  • Reframe your decision-making processes for agility in response to digital disruptions.
  • Cultivate the leadership mindset necessary to guide successful digital innovation.

Navigating global digital ecosystems

  • Analyze the complexities of global digital ecosystems and how they affect business operations.
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration across your suppliers, partners, and even customers.
  • Engage effectively with international stakeholders to support digital growth.

Building future-proof organizations

  • Rethink your approach to strategic planning to boost "in the moment" adaptability.
  • Develop organizational resilience against future digital disruptions.
  • Leverage emerging digital trends to sustain competitive advantage in your industry.

Ivey Advanced Impact Certificate

Digital Agility in Organizations is eligible for your Digital Leader Certificate pathway. Click here to learn more and view additional program options.

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How You Learn

Digital Agility in Organizations is an intensive workshop focused on hands-on participation and peer learning. You’ll work with expert Ivey faculty to chart the unique implications for your organization and industry.

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Ivey Case Method
Ivey Case Method
Online Learning Activities
Online Learning Activities
Peer Learning Teams
Peer Learning Teams
Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Expert Faculty Led Sessions

Return on Investment

  • Earn a credential from Ivey Business School. Your Digital Agility in Organizations badge is linked to a unique URL, allowing you to showcase your advanced proficiency in online profiles.
  • Enhance strategic decision-making and agility, positioning yourself for more advanced leadership roles and opportunities.
  • Apply innovative digital strategies to contribute to your organization's resilience and competitive advantage in the global market.
  • Benefit from leaders who can foster a culture of innovation, driving forward-thinking strategies and solutions.
  • Navigate digital disruptions effectively, ensuring the organization stays ahead in rapidly evolving markets.
  • Gain actionable insights for digital transformation initiatives, boosting efficiency and market responsiveness.


$590 CAD

The program fee covers all materials. Program fees are tax-exempt.

Applications must be submitted no later than 14 days before the start of the program.


How are online programs delivered? plus small icon minus small icon

Online programs are delivered through a blend of live interactive virtual sessions with Ivey faculty facilitators and self-paced learning modules. Each module guides you through videos, cases, and exercises that help you prepare for and reflect on your learning. You’ll then participate in a live online class to discuss and apply your new knowledge with peers and faculty. All components of virtual programs are required for participants.

What funding resources are available? plus small icon minus small icon

Organizations and participants in Canada may benefit from the Canada Job Grant or the Canada Training Credit to offset a portion of program fees. Visit our Funding Resources page to learn more.

How should I prepare before attending the program? plus small icon minus small icon

Our Program Managers will contact all registered participants before the program start date with instructions to join our online Learning Management System. Once logged in, you can create a class profile, view other participants’ profiles, and access a list of assigned preparation activities. Plan to review and complete preparation work in advance of each class session.