Social Styles in Leadership

Tailor your communication approach to the unique styles of your peers and followers for more effective leadership and stronger workplace relationships.


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Purpose and Impact

Social Styles in Leadership, based on TRACOM's Social Styles assessment framework, is a practical virtual workshop that empowers your leadership with deep behavioural insights. This immersive online experience introduces participants to the subtle art of recognizing different behavioural styles, elevating your ability to build relationships and inspire constructive followership.

Led by Ivey faculty and Master-Certified TRACOM facilitators, you'll delve into the fascinating world of social styles — learning to observe and understand the unique ways each style interacts and communicates. It’s about seeing the world through other perspectives, gaining invaluable insights into how your leadership style is perceived, and learning to be versatile in different contexts. By working through your own multi-rater assessment and engaging in interactive exercises with a learning team of other leaders, you'll practice the skills you need to create an immediate impact in your team.

Participant Profile

Social Styles in Leadership benefits a wide range of professionals keen on mastering leadership and communication. This includes both emerging and established leaders looking to refine their leadership style and more effectively manage diverse teams.

The knowledge gained in this workshop is vital for HR professionals, Project Managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in client-facing roles, such as Sales Managers and Customer Service leads, among many others. Each of these roles will find valuable takeaways in understanding and applying different social styles — leading to more effective communication, better conflict resolution, and enhanced team performance.

Learning Outcomes

Enhancing leadership through behavioural insight

  • Discover the four patterns of behaviour known as Social Styles, and learn each style's communication and interaction preferences.
  • Gain a solid understanding of how behavioural differences impact workplace relationships and leadership styles.
  • Learn to observe and identify the Social Styles of others to improve interactions and communication.

Developing personal and team versatility

  • Receive tailored feedback on your Social Style to better understand how others perceive you.
  • Engage in interactive exercises to develop fundamental skills in adapting to various social styles.

Applying Social Style concepts in practice

  • Practice identifying the styles of others and applying versatility to real-world scenarios.
  • Utilize a multi-rater assessment to identify personal versatility and blind spots, enhancing your leadership approach.
  • Access application tools post-training to continuously apply and refine Social Style knowledge in your leadership role.

Ivey Advanced Impact Certificate

Social Styles in Leadership is eligible for your Inclusive Leader Certificate pathway. Click here to learn more and view additional program options.

Ivey Inclusive Leader Certificate badge

How You Learn

Social Styles in Leadership is an intensive workshop designed for interactive participation and group learning. You will work with peers from across organizations to share insights, learn best practices, and plan key takeaways for your organization. Engage your colleagues at work to complete a multi-rater Social Styles assessment and gain new insights on your leadership approach.

Learn more about the Ivey Experience
Online Learning Activities
Online Learning Activities
Peer Learning Teams
Peer Learning Teams
Simulations And Role Play
Simulations And Role Play
Assessment Tools
Assessment Tools
Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Expert Faculty Led Sessions

Return on Investment

  • Earn a credential from Ivey Business School. Your Social Styles in Leadership digital badge is linked to a unique URL, allowing you to showcase your advanced proficiency in online profiles.
  • Enhance your awareness to become a more effective, inclusive, emotionally intelligent leader.
  • Receive exclusive event invitations and curated collections of thought leadership and research from Ivey Business School.
  • Nurture more creativity, innovation, and performance in your team by fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Share new perspectives, frameworks, and research from Ivey with your team to build a greater sense of collaboration and cohesion.
  • Help your organization develop more diverse, effective teams.

Industry Guests

Dan Day
Dan Day

Author, Leader and Communication Expert


$390 CAD

The program fee covers all materials. Program fees are tax-exempt.

Applications must be submitted no later than 14 days before the start of the program.


How are online programs delivered? plus small icon minus small icon

Online programs are delivered through a blend of live interactive virtual sessions with Ivey faculty facilitators and self-paced learning modules. Each module guides you through videos, cases, and exercises that help you prepare for and reflect on your learning. You’ll then participate in a live online class to discuss and apply your new knowledge with peers and faculty. All components of virtual programs are required for participants.

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Organizations and participants in Canada may benefit from the Canada Job Grant or the Canada Training Credit to offset a portion of program fees. Visit our Funding Resources page to learn more.

How should I prepare before attending the program? plus small icon minus small icon

Our program managers will contact all registered participants prior to the program start date with instructions to join our online Learning Management System. Once logged in, you will create a class profile, view other participants' profiles, and access a list of assigned pre-reading, cases, and activities. Plan to review and complete preparation work in advance of each class session.