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The Family Guy: The Navigating Disruption Podcast

Delve into the early memories and foundational experiences that shaped Frank Bozzo, Vice President and General Manager of CHEP Canada and Pallecon North America, one of the supply chain industry's foremost leaders.

Illustration Of Woman Using Computer With Data Icons Emerging From It

Navigating Leadership with Data: Five Traps and How to Avoid Them

Explore common misperceptions and mistakes leaders make when trying to lead with data and gain insightful tips on how to successfully avoid those pitfalls.

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Circular Food Economy: Canada's $50 Billion Opportunity

Explore emerging innovations for reducing, and ultimately eliminating, food waste and examine opportunities to increase the scale on practices that support the circular economy through finance and policy.

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Developing Personal & Team Resilience

A panel of Ivey Coaches share advice for how to develop resilience as a leader, drawing upon their collective experiences working with diverse leaders.

Illustration Of Woman Carrying A Shopping Bag Surrounded By Digital Icons And Screens

Why understanding customer experience in the digital world is crucial to business outcomes

Explore how customer dynamics are impacted by digitalization and how businesses can leverage data collected in the digital world to optimize their customer experience.

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Why Inaction is the Biggest Digital Risk

Rob Austin looks at the threats businesses face while trying to compete in an increasingly digital landscape.

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How action learning supports long term leadership development outcomes

Bryan Benjamin and Rosa Cendros share insights for why action learning is so beneficial for leadership development and how The Ivey Academy uses action learning in our to enhance the participant experience.

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Character: Curating Stories of Exemplary Leadership

Gerard Seijts and Kim Milani share their process for selecting leaders whose stories of exemplary character are featured in their latest book.

Woman Standing In Front Of Screens Displaying Data Charts

Leader Character Shows Up in Hard Numbers—of Success or Failure

Gerard Seijts and Kim Milani highlight how leader character shows up in quantitative metrics for individual and organizational performance.

Illustration Neurodiversity At Work
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Reimagining Talent with a Neurodiversity Lens

We welcome three leaders in the neurodiversity at work movement for a discussion on the challenges, barriers, and opportunities for mainstream adoption and awareness of neuroinclusion.

A Lighthouse In The Dark By The Sea Storm Illustration

Character Leadership: Being a Light in the Dark

Global crises highlight the urgent need for leaders with strong character to navigate challenges and ensure a sustainable, prosperous future.

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Character: Inspiring Leadership Through Storytelling

Storytelling is a vital part of learning. Discover how Gerard Seijts and Kim Milani use stories to demonstrate commitment, courage, and character in leadership.

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