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Introducing The Ivey Academy's LIFT Advanced Coaching Certification

Executive Coaching Certification Program

More and more, executives are turning to coaches to build their capacity to lead teams and navigate complexity. Recent research shows nearly all senior executives want outside leadership advice, but almost two-thirds do not receive any.

The Ivey Academy’s LIFT (Leadership Insights for Transformation) Advanced Coaching Certification Program is designed to address that gap. The program will develop coaches who can lift performance in a world where leaders need to transform themselves more quickly and respond more skillfully than ever before. LIFT will provide senior, experienced executive coaches with a platform to engage in their own development to empower leadership transformation, while simultaneously building a strong community of practice. This community will become an important catalyst for healthy business growth and leadership development in Canada and beyond our borders.

Senior coaches already drive their own learning and development. So why is there a need for a formal program for experienced coaches? The LIFT program accelerates a coach’s professional and personal development by combining leading edge research and practice, interaction with professors and expert practitioners from Canada’s leading business school, and dialogue with like-minded professionals who can challenge each other and grow together. 

LIFT objectives

For coaches

Coaches leave the program with enhanced capacity to adapt to any coaching context and elevate the performance and ambition of individuals, teams, and organizations.

For Canadian business

The program will develop a robust community of transformational coaches who support a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable business landscape in Canada.

For Ivey

LIFT-certified coaches will assume the most active and leading coaching roles in The Ivey Academy’s programs: assessments and individual coaching, in-program intensive team and individual coaching, and follow-up coaching for sustained transformation.

LIFT foundation

Enablers of transformation

LIFT coaches are catalyzers of major impact. They are masterful provocateurs who support and challenge relationships, minds, systems, and behaviour to generate deep transformation and peak performance.

Broad repertoire with presence and flow

LIFT coaches creatively and intuitively employ their unique talents, strengths, and knowledge with fluid, dynamic presence. They masterfully generate flow in their coaching interactions while understanding and focusing on exactly what their clients – leaders, teams, and organizations in the world’s most complex business arenas – need and want. They do this with grace, poise, and gravitas.

Embedded anywhere

LIFT coaches can be dropped into any team, organization, or situation and elevate performance. They confidently handle chaotic and intractable environments and people. They empower adaptive collaboration in professional ecosystems, enabling and stretching potential from everyone.

Committed to learning

LIFT coaches are committed to their own lifelong learning in order to evolve and stay relevant for their clients.

LIFT program content areas

By drawing on leading edge research and practice in neuroscience, systems thinking, human development, and business practice, participants in the program will increase their mastery in these five main competency areas:

  1. Catalyzing human development: helping individual leaders stretch their potential
  2. Fostering healthy systems: enabling effective leadership in complex teams and full organizations
  3. Transforming the business: challenging business ambition and sustainability
  4. Engaging impactful processes: empowering through facilitation, inquiry, and action learning
  5. Nourishing the self: enhancing mindfulness and resilience, embracing coach-as-instrument

Learning in LIFT

The program’s unique, transformational year-long journey includes six pillars:

  1. Four weekend-long training modules with world class thought leaders in human dynamics and business performance
  2. Participatory emergent design with deeply experienced peers
  3. Exposure to – and practice with – a variety of assessments
  4. Hands-on and reflective experiential learning through all four modules
  5. Action learning through co-coaching senior executives
  6. Readings, assignments, and virtual interaction between modules

To learn more or to apply for registration, please contact Sharon Duguid, LIFT Head Coach at or Martha Maznevski, Faculty Director at


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