Catriona Le May Doan

Shift your leadership perspective

Catriona Le May Doan, two-time Olympic gold medalist and President & CEO of Sport Calgary, shares how The Ivey Academy's CommunityShift™ program shifted her leadership perspective to become a more team-focused leader.

Claude Arbez

Make the shift from managing to leading

Claude Arbez, Director, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, details how the Ivey Leadership Program developed his leadership skills so he could confidently make the transition from managing to leading.

Kunle Tauhid

Lead change and transform your future

Kunle Tauhid, Vice President, Financing & Consulting at Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), explains how the Ivey Leadership Program's applicable tools helped him prepare his team – and organization – for a constantly changing business environment.

David Graham

Deepen your understanding of executive behaviour

David Graham, Chief Exploration Officer at EDGE3, explains how The Ivey Academy's LIFT Advanced Coaching Certification Program deepened his understanding of both executive behaviour and the ever-changing contemporary business landscape.

Catharine Larkin

Taking executive coaching to the next level

Catharine Larkin shares how The Ivey Academy's LIFT Advanced Coaching Certification Program helped her stay relevant in a rapidly changing business environment while taking her leadership coaching practice to the next level.

Tom Eaton

Putting theory into practice

Tom Eaton, Senior Director - Sales & Operations Planning at Metrie, talks about how The Ivey Academy's Negotiations Program allowed him to learn and apply the concepts of high-level negotiation.

Darren Sprod

Amplify your leadership impact

Darren Sprod, CEO of Central Coast Football in Australia, discusses how the Ivey Leadership Program has given him applicable tools and strategies to immediately impact his organization and positively influence his own leadership.

Dino Rinaldo

Handle any negotiation successfully

Dino Rinaldo, Senior Advisor, Global Affairs Canada, describes how the Ivey Negotiations Program helped him apply creative thinking and strategy to maximize value in negotiations.

Mark Hubner

Expand your financial acumen

Mark Hubner, VP, Brand & Product at Baffin, shares how The Ivey Academy's Finance for Non-Financial Professionals program helped him to fully understand the financial implications of strategic initiatives executed by his own organization.

Jessica Thiele

Extract meaning and understanding from numbers

Jessica Thiele, Director of Marketing at VL OMNI, explains how The Ivey Academy's Finance for Non-Financial Professionals program gave her the working knowledge to ask the important finance and accounting questions, and how to extract meaning and understanding from numbers.

John Chayka

The Ivey Academy to support 2020 Sports Leadership Conference

On January 10, 2020 The Ivey Academy will be delivering an intensive day of leadership training to support the Ivey Sports Leadership Conference.

Canadian Private Capital Investment School

Scarce resource: Canadian Private Capital Investment School to provide pool of talent

The Canadian Private Capital Investment School (CPCIS) is a highly specialized program specifically designed for junior-level and new entrants into the private capital sector.

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