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Accelerating digital transformation

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Many experts are predicting a new normal in business as a result of COVID-19: the acceleration of digital transformation. But how much of an acceleration are we really seeing? Is forced innovation resulting in a positive or negative impact – are we moving without really thinking? How lasting will the change be? And how much of a factor does geography or industry play in the adoption of digital transformation?

On Wednesday, April 22, The Ivey Academy delivered a complimentary livestream to discuss the acceleration of digital transformation. Moderated by The Ivey Academy's executive director, Mark Healy, the livestream featured a panel discussion including Dr. Warren Ritchie, a corporate transformation expert, and Robert Webb, an Ivey Academy executive coach with considerable digital transformation expertise, to try to answer these questions and provide valuable insight.

Key webinar content

Core topics

  • The complexity of the execution of digital transformation strategies
  • The pressure facing the IT function during a crisis
  • Embracing a new set of behaviours when making the move toward digital
  • The importance of re-thinking business models and differentiation strategies
  • Who leads a digital transformation effort?
  • Organizational readiness
  • Are organizations embrace an “agile” way of working in better shape than those that don’t?
  • Examples of organizations within industries collaborating to overcome a common challenge
  • Balancing the short and long term with regard to scenario planning
  • Pragmatic advice for organizations whose business model, product, or service does not lend itself toward digitization
  • Overcoming resource limitations for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Are there obvious technology trends that decision-makers should be spending close attention to? How can leaders with a non-technical background be committed toward leading through digitization?

Memorable quotes

"10-year plans, while the right plans, need to be done in two-to-three years. We have to advance and not be as patient as we once were." – Warren Ritchie

"The set of behaviours required now are more about testing and learning, experimentation, and empathy for customers and employees." – Robert Webb

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