Leading in a fast-changing environment: Hercules meets Buddha

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Leading to align, empower, and collaborate has never been more important than now. With the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, today's leadership requires setting clear direction in ambiguity, often without direct authority over the many stakeholders involved.

On April 8, 2020, The Ivey Academy hosted a free webinar to explore ways to think about your own leadership to cultivate success in this environment. Led by Martha Maznevski, "Leading in a Fast-Changing Environment: Hercules Meets Buddha" was a virtual workshop on balancing leadership priorities by contrasting the leadership styles of Hercules and Buddha.

Key webinar content

Core topics

  • The tendency to “lead harder” or “lead more” during crisis and why that’s unhelpful and unsustainable
  • The “Hercules” leadership style: hard work, strength, stamina, courage, drive, goal-orientation, direction, clear authority
  • The two deepest human fears and how the Hercules leadership style alleviates them in the short term
  • The “Buddha” leadership style: trust, generosity, wisdom, empowerment, reciprocity, coaching, curiosity
  • How to blend the Hercules leadership style with the Buddha leadership style to be a more effective leader
  • Maintaining leadership consistency in both crisis and non-crisis periods
  • Key performance indicators to use to know if you’re utilizing both Hercules and Buddha leadership styles

Memorable quote

“Give yourself permission to really be Hercules, and also enjoy being Buddha. This is a way of empowering and having sustainable leadership so you’ll last longer, and at the same time you’ll empower other people to higher performance and develop their own leadership.” - Martha Maznevski

Session materials

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Additional reading

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Associated Faculty

Martha Maznevski

Martha Maznevski

Professor, Organizational Behaviour