Ivey Academy Maintains #1 Ranking for Executive Education in Canada

Number 1 Balloon

The Financial Times has rated The Ivey Academy as the best overall school-based executive education provider in Canada for the fourth consecutive year.

The Ivey Academy remains #1 in Canada for both customized programming and open-enrolment programs. This year, a total of 105 schools took part in either or both rankings.

Executive Education ranking category highlights

The Financial Times rankings were largely determined using feedback from our own clients and program participants. At the Ivey Academy, we’re passionate about developing transformative learning experiences for leaders at all levels and we are honored to receive such positive feedback regarding the impact of our programs.

For open-enrolment programming participants were asked to rate their overall satisfaction, our participants rated their overall satisfaction with Ivey a 9.43 out of 10. For customized programs, The Ivey Academy ranked number one in Canada for the fifth consecutive year. Custom executive education rankings are based on the quality of programs tailored to the training needs of the specific organizations that commission them.


For 23 years, Financial Times has ranked the world’s leading providers of customized and open-enrolment executive education programs. For 21 of the past 23 years, The Ivey Academy has ranked #1 overall in Canada and #1 in custom. For 18 of the past 23 years, The Ivey Academy has been ranked among the top 25 providers in the world.