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Character: Curating Stories of Exemplary Leadership

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Get a firsthand look at the motivation behind the writing of Character: What Contemporary Leaders Can Teach Us About Building a More Just, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future. Authors Gerard Seijts and Kim Milani have dedicated their careers to understanding what makes leaders effective and how their character shapes their decisions.

In this video, Gerard Seijts and Kim Milani share their process for selecting the leaders whose perspectives are featured in the book, including: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist; Adam Kahane, International Consultant; Murray Sinclair, former member of the Canadian Senate and Chairman of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist and CEO of Rappler.

The book is inspired by a series of interactions with diverse leaders whose stories illuminate the power of character in leadership. These narratives explore how attributes such as integrity, humility, and resilience play out in real-life scenarios, impacting business outcomes and contributing to the welfare of communities and society at large. Rooted in the Ivey case method, Character uses storytelling to inspire action and illustrate the crucial role of character in fostering effective, ethical leadership.


About the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership

Founded in 2010 at the Ivey Business School, the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership was inspired by the need to address deficiencies in leadership observed during the global financial crisis. The institute focuses on extensive academic research into the nature of leadership character, its impact on organizational performance, and methods for its development. Their work emphasizes the practical application of research findings across all sectors, fostering leadership that benefits companies and communities alike.

Understanding the 11 Dimensions of Leader Character

  1. Courage - The bravery to take risks and make difficult decisions.
  2. Integrity - Consistent ethical behaviour and honesty.
  3. Judgment - Making informed, wise decisions under uncertainty.
  4. Transparency - Openness in communication and actions.
  5. Humility - Recognizing one’s limitations and valuing others' contributions.
  6. Resilience - The capacity to recover and learn from failure.
  7. Compassion - Empathy and concern for the well-being of others.
  8. Accountability - Owning one’s actions and their outcomes.
  9. Justice - Fair treatment and respect for rights.
  10. Temperance - Self-control and moderation.
  11. Collaboration - Working effectively with others to achieve common goals.

Character: What contemporary leaders can teach us about building a more just, prosperous, and sustainable future

Physical copy of Character book with Gerard and Kim in the background

Character is designed to serve as a vital resource for anyone interested in leadership, from students embarking on their careers to seasoned executives seeking to refine their approach to leadership. The book is not just an academic treatise but a practical guide that uses compelling storytelling to illustrate the crucial role of character in nurturing good leadership in all walks of life.

Rated Amazon's #1 Best Seller in Business Ethics, can order a copy of Character: What Contemporary Leaders Can Teach Us About Building a More Just, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future:

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