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Reimagining Talent with a Neurodiversity Lens

In this episode:

It’s been twenty years since Specialisterne, a Danish social enterprise, created the first Neurodiversity Hiring programs, and it’s been about a decade since the first multinational companies, for example, SAP and Microsoft, launched programs. Since then, many organizations have taken initiatives to increase neuro-inclusion at work.

In this episode, developed in partnership with the Neurodiversity Employment Research Project at Ivey Business School, we explore the barriers limiting the inclusion of neurodistinct individuals in the workforce and unpack misconceptions about the correlation between support needs and skill levels. Further, our panelists discuss how what we’re learning from neurodiversity employment may lead us to dismantle traditional notions about what “work” should look (and be) like and share insights for how leaders can reimagine job roles and structures to create more inclusive and productive organizations. 

For this Global Ivey Day 2024 session, we were joined by expert guests: Rob Austin, Professor of Innovation & Information Systems and Evolution of Work Chair, Ivey Business School; Denise Arnold, Founding Principal, Denise R. Arnold LLC and PhD Candidate, Disability Studies, University of Illinois Chicago; Thorkil Sonne, Founder, Square Foundation (formerly the Specialisterne Foundation); and Moish Tov, CEO, JoyDew. During this discussion hosted by Bryan Benjamin, Executive Director of the Ivey Academy, our panelists examine the successes and limitations of early neurodiversity employment programming and propose how leaders can intentionally forge the future of neuroinclusion at work. 


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