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The Family Guy: The Navigating Disruption Podcast

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Join us as we delve into the early memories and foundational experiences that shaped Frank Bozzo, Vice President and General Manager of CHEP Canada and Pallecon North America, one of the supply chain industry's foremost leaders. What impact did afternoons with his grandparents have on his leadership style? How do these personal experiences translate into professional excellence?  

Listen in and gain invaluable insights as Frank shares the intimate stories and significant moments that define his journey and continue to drive his success in an ever-evolving industry.  

Host: Shakeel Bharmal, Executive Coach – The Ivey Academy
Guest: Frank Bozzo, Vice President and General Manager, CHEP Canada and Pallecon North America

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About The Navigating Disruption Podcast

On The Navigating Disruption Podcast, we engage with intriguing professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore how leaders can create a more meaningful impact in these challenging times. We delve into our guest’s personal and career experiences to uncover connections between life and leadership in complexity and ambiguity. 

In an era where the pace of change and uncertainty permeates every aspect of life, predicting the outcomes of our decisions and actions is increasingly complex. This podcast offers valuable insights, reflections, and practical advice to help leaders, teams, and organizations survive and thrive amidst the disruption. Join us as we navigate these turbulent waters together. 

Note: The podcast is not produced by The Ivey Academy. Produced and edited by Shakeel Bharmal and Lindsay Curtis. Music and lyrics courtesy of Late Night Conversations 

About the Host

Shakeel Bharmal is an Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Instructor with The Ivey Academy. From his early career in sales and marketing, strategy consulting and general management to his more recent roles as a chief operating officer and leadership coach, Shakeel has always been curious about how leaders can use their humanity and professional acumen to make a positive impact on the people around them. In this podcast, as a lifelong learner, he strives to use that curiosity to serve his listeners. 

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